Litigation & Claims

Our primary activity is review of injury claims and forensic analysis of evidence. We find facts and examine the circumstances of an accident to facilitate understanding from a human factors or ergonomics perspective about issues related to causation and liability for damages. Services performed by Error Analysis in litigation and claims typically involves the following activities:

  • Inspection of sites, scenes, facilities, and/or operations
  • Documentation of physical and testimonial evidence
  • Research about human capabilities and limitations and individual differences including factors affecting sensation and perception
  • Study of human-system interfaces
  • Analysis and reporting of causal and contributing factors
  • Applying standards of practice
A history of testimony exists for our consultants in courts throughout North America. Joseph Cohen has been a retained expert or consultant by attorneys practicing in thirteen U.S. states on over 300 occasions. His experience includes more than 80 depositions. He has testified as a qualified expert witness in the California Superior and Nevada District courts. The firm at his lead has provided litigation consulting for accidents and litigation in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, French Polynesia, and the Republic of Singapore.

Special Projects

Error Analysis partners with clients and colleagues on special projects such as:

  • Design reviews (human-centered)
  • Field studies
  • Product studies
  • Warnings and instruction systems
  • Facility and management system audits
  • Education and training
  • Publications and presentations (peer-reviewed)