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Error Analysis is a consultancy based in the greater San Diego, California area. We work with parties in litigation and partner with clients and colleagues on special projects. Our consultants address issues of hazards and risk, regulatory compliance, scientific research, and applicability of standards and guidelines. We are often retained following major losses to perform studies, examine products, inspect facilities, and investigate the manner and context in which certain accidents and injuries occur.

A human factors expert who serves in litigation investigates how people interact with systems and their elements. Pedestrians, drivers, bicyclists, workers, and consumers are examples of users and operators of various systems. Occasionally objects or information go unnoticed by people during system use or maintenance. People will not follow procedures. Professional standards may not be met. Articulating the etiology of such failures necessitates specialized education in the behavioral and cognitive sciences, training in scientific and investigative methods and techniques, and practical experience presenting evidence to lay audiences and professionals. Since its founding, thousands of clients including law firms, insurance companies, municipal corporations, businesses, and related organizations have sought our guidance and relied on our findings.